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Hi and welcome to Room 12's blog. We enjoy sharing our learning so please read ... and don't forget to leave a comment on our posts! We are Year 5 and 6 students attending Hamilton East School in Hamilton, New Zealand.
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    5 Things from Ham East on Vimeo.

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  • 03/16/14--19:37: Water World
  • Water World

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  • 03/16/14--21:46: More Hamilton Sights
  • Room 12 have been researching the sights of Hamilton that may appeal to visitors and locals. The students selected from a variety of places and researched the history of the area as well as activities available in each location. We hope you learn something new about Hamilton from their information.

      Waikato Stadium                                                   Seddon Park

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  • 03/20/14--16:01: Marae Trip 29th March 2014

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  • 03/23/14--01:19: More Hamilton Sights
  • Room 12 have been researching the sights of Hamilton that may appeal to visitors and locals. The students selected from a variety of places and researched the history of the area as well as activities available in each location. We hope you learn something new about Hamilton from their information.

    Waikato RiverSkyCity

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  • 03/25/14--23:55: On the Marae
  • We have been learning all about being on a Marae as tomorrow the whole school are going to Te Kohinga Marama Marae on Waikato University campus.

    We now know many Marae rules and we have also been learning important words relating to a Marae.

    We wonder if you know the meaning of some of these words too?

    wero   hongi   whaikorero   wharekai
    wharenui   karanga   waiata   mihi
    powhiri hangi   manuhiri   tangata-whenua

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  • 05/06/14--01:28: Term 1 - Turangawaewae Movie

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  • 05/07/14--20:59: P.E. in Room 12
  • Today's P.E. session was lots of fun, we used the skills we already have and we learnt new skills.

    WALT... Throw and catch large balls on our own and to each other. 

    WALT... throw at a non-moving target and then at a moving target.

    WALT...  in relay teams, bounce the ball around cones. 
    We needed to remember to keep our fingers soft and not let the ball go too high!

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  • 05/24/14--19:11: Deaf Aotearoa - New Zealand
  • This was NZ Sign Language Week - Te Wiki o te Reo Turi

    We have been learning to sign our names. Can you see all the letters in our name by using the Sign Language Alphabet?

    Have fun watching and learning .......

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  • 05/25/14--16:16: STRIKE Percussion!
  • Wow! What an amazing performance this was. We had so much fun watching and learning about percussion. We got to join in and clap to some beats. Even Whaea Eve and Ms O'Neil had a turn!

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  • 06/05/14--23:20: Tane Mahuta Sketching
  • Here is Room 12 with their Buddy Class, Room 13. We are sketching the Kauri Tree together and learning why the senior team is called the Kauri Team.

    Can you explain the reason why to someone in your family?

    Tane Mahuta 2014

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    Room 13 and Room 12 chose two activities to celebrate Tane Mahuta Day.

    This group of students learnt how to use rakau to the song E Papa Waiare.

    This group of students enjoyed working in the garden with Ms Jones.

    Which group were you in and what did you enjoy about your activity?

    I wonder what other classes did? Take a look at the HES blogs to find out.

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  • 06/07/14--00:01: Tane Mahuta - Tree Hugging
  • This morning Room 12 spent some time looking in awe at the Redwood tree. We decided to see if we could get the whole class round the base of the trunk and give it a great big hug!

    This is our movie ....

    and some photos of this magnificent tree!

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  • 06/25/14--18:53: Matariki
  • This week is Matariki.

    What does that mean?

    Read our work and you will find out.

    Please leave a comment about our book.


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    As you will all know, the month of July was when the Commonwealth Games were on. Room 12 students were excited and we spent a lot of time finding out about athletes and teams. We watched on T.V. the sporting action as it happened and we read news articles to find out who was winning medals. Most importantly we were finding out which New Zealanders were winning medals!

    We made this book for you to read and find out what we learnt during the Commonwealth Games.

    Please read and comment on our work. We would love you to ask us questions too.

    Glasgow Commonwealth Games 2014

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  • 08/17/14--01:32: Te Mata School Visit
  • On Tuesday, 12th August, we had a visit from Te Mata School. It was really exciting and Hamilton East students found out so much about them.

    Thanks for being in our classroom, Room 4. We hope you had a great time!

    We would love you to leave a comment or a question about our movies.

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  • 09/09/14--19:26: Miss White
  • We have a student teacher in our classroom. Her name is Miss White. She is working so hard to help us with our learning. Here is what some of Room 12 have to say about sharing their room with her.

    Miss White explains herself when she teaches us
    stuff and she is really good at teaching. I am learning from what she is teaching me - Tash

    Miss White enjoys teaching because she's almost always smiling - Clark

    Miss White likes having a Mrs T to help her with our learning because we have so many groups and she can't teach them all! - Ayman

    Miss White is good at learning and teaching our class geometry - Hussain

    Miss White is teaching us to be patient, when we try and barge off she reminds us to wait for the rest of the instruction - Ezekiel

    We get to experience having another teacher in our room and having things run a bit differently. I'm enjoying having her in Room 12 and Ms O'Neil gets to do her work - Maraea

    We think Ms White will make a great teacher one day! - Jubilee and Jiuta


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    We have been working on a two term unit called ....

    'Money Doesn't Grow On Trees'.

    Term 2 was ourknowledge dump when we discovered as much as we could about money -

    • its history?
    • its uses?
    • what needs and wants are?
    • people's opinions about money - good / bad etc.?
    • how to make it - pocket money, earnings, savings etc.?
    • the cost of food - lunchbox costs, the cost of set meals etc.?
    • what people do with their money after they've paid their bills? 
    to name a just a few discoveries!

    Term 3 is the time where we get down to the nitty gritty of making a change by following the steps of our HES inquiry model to develop a 'Social Action'.

    What did we decide? 

    Hamilton East Buikwe School is our sister school in Uganda. They have been our sister school for a few years now and due to their lack of technology it was difficult to maintain contact with them. Ms Bobsien asked our class for help as she could no longer keep supporting them due to a change of role in our school.

    Luckily for us we discovered that they now have a facebook page which you can look at here

    We have now made contact with 
    Pastor Paul Mulamira who has been communicating with us so we can find out more about Hamilton Buiwke School and their needs. 

    We are very excited about supporting this school. Here are some pictures of us using our Inquiry Model to establish questions that will help us to understand the ways that we can make a difference. 

    As we continue to develop ways of helping Hamilton Buiwke School we will add to our blog so you can follow our learning journey with us. 

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  • 09/19/14--21:26: Operetta 2014
  • Money Doesn't Grow On Trees

    We started at the beginning by
     deciding on the music ...


    with lots of discussion and finally a plan of how our item might look!..

    To deciding on who would have a main part ...

    then many hours of practicing to get it 'just right'...

     And finally...
    The Show!...

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  • 09/19/14--21:39: Operetta 2014 - Haiku Poetry
  • We wrote our poems about the Operetta using the Haiku process - 

    Line 1: 5 syllables

    Line 2: 7 syllables
    Line 3: 5 syllables

    We hope you enjoy reading them.

    Operetta Haiku from Ham East on Vimeo.

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  • 09/21/14--19:53: Peachgrove Show
  • Today we saw an amazing show based on Alice In Wonderland by some students from the Art, Dance, Music and Drama Department of Peachgrove Intermediate.

    I really liked all the costumes they made, especially the Mad Hatters hat. I liked Tweedle dee and Tweedle dum. They put a lot of effort into their show. Alyssa

    I liked the rabbit's costume and how they used onsies. I liked when one twin pointed up, another one pointed in the opposite direction. Tainsh

    I liked the Mad Hatter and that he wiggled his bottom when he danced. Elvis

    The Queen of Hearts put a lot of effort into his acting. He was convincing as a female and I liked how confident everyone was. Shiloh

    I liked how the guard had the Ace card on both sides and how it was just like on the real card but bigger. Jafar

    I enjoyed the dancers and how they put a lot of effort into their performance. Tash

    I really liked how the Queen wasn't nervous to pretend to be a female and he had a lot of confidence and wasn't embarrassed.

    I liked how when the caterpillar talked everybody froze. I liked how the Madhatter played guitar. Robert

    I liked how when they were changing props and the scene while they did a dance to music. Giovanna

    I liked how they did it similar to the actual movie. Jubilee

    I liked the part when they were walking the catwalk. They had style. Jiuta

    I liked the creativity of it all. Levi

    I liked the choir, how you could barely see them when they stood up as you were looking at all the dancers. Christopher

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    This morning we had lots of fun sharing our holidays and finding out something interesting about ourselves!
    Please add your answers to our question in our comments box.

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  • 10/13/14--01:32: Tino nui ki aho, ki te ako
  • This is what we enjoyed about learning today ...

    I learned that there are a lot of people in my literacy group that have things in common with me– Courtney

    I learned that Ezekiel watched the same things that I watched during the holidays– Jiuta

    I learnt about Paradise Valley– Robert

    I liked learning about the lions at Paradise Valley– Jaden

    I like learning more about Paradise Valley because I’ve been there before but I found out more about it– Maraea

    I liked researching about the different animals that are in Paradise Valley– Saalihah

    I learnt that when Ezekiel went to Paradise Valley when he was 9, he got bitten by a bird– Christopher

    I learnt about the meaning of the word ‘division’– Hussain

    I learnt more about animals that I didn’t know like the Suffolk sheep - Giovanna

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  • 10/22/14--16:42: Aliens Versus Humans -

  • The connected film festival was an exciting opportunity for these students to show their enthusiasm for movie making. They had been following the Commonwealth Games closely and when they realized they would be using Lego to make their movie with, they decided on their theme. It has been quite a process making this movie and they have learnt many new things along the way.

    Please leave a comment or ask a question about our learning
    Jordan, Clark, Martin and Jubilee

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  • 10/22/14--16:42: Commonwealth Twist -

  • Hamish, Christopher, Jiuta, Courntey and Maraea were enthusiastic to contribute to The connected film festival. They decided on their movie idea after learning about the Commonwealth Games, which they followed closely and they were really keen to make a stop motion movie using lego. Ms O'Neil found a great Lego Movie app for them to try and this is their result.

    We hope you enjoy watching it. Please leave a comment or ask a question if you have one.